ASC Kids is dedicated to teach individuals of all ages to swim confidently and safely


Parent & Child Group Lessons


(ages of 6 months to approximately 4 years old)

Parents and children learn together to increase the child's comfort level in the water as well as build the basics skills of swimming and breathing control.

PEE-WEE Group Lessons

(4 years to 6 years old)

Children are taught basic and advanced aquatic safety and

swimming skills, all while increasing their comfort level

in and around the water.

Children achieve success on a regular basis and enjoy social

interactions with other children.


Group Lessons

(6 years old thru teen)

Designed to help participants achieve maximum success,

our courses are based on a logical, six-level progression that

helps swimmers of all ages develop their water safety,

survival and swim skills.


Group Lessons

(18 years and older)

Have a specific stroke you need to work on?

Training for a triathlon? Never learned how to swim?

No problem, we help in every way possible to achieve

your goal.





Group Lesson Package includes:

8 Week Long Program

Meet once a week for 30 minutes (Adult Classes are 60 minutes long)

Swimming Cap

Student Instructor Ratio is 4:1 or 6:1

American Red Cross Certified Instructors

Caring and nuturing staff.


Parent and Child


PEE-WEE and Adolescent




Package                         Member                        NON-Member

1 Hour               $60                   $70

30 Min               $40                   $50

(4)1 Hours         $220                 $240

(4)30 Mins         $140                 $180

(8)1 Hours         $360                 $440

(8)30 Mins         $240                 $320



Package                         Member                        NON-Member

1 Hour               $90                   $110

30 Min               $60                   $80

(4)1 Hours         $320                 $400

(4)30 Mins         $220                 $280

(8)1 Hours         $600                 $720

(8)30 Mins         $400                 $480

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Frequently Asked Questions



Questions you might have BEFORE registering:

How many days per week should my child attend classes?

  • Our schedule is set up for the convenience of busy families. You can attend as little as one class per week or as many as seven. Consistency and repetition are the key to success; therefore, the more classes per week you can attend the faster the student will learn.

How long will it take my child to learn how to swim?

  • Unfortunately, there isn't a universal answer to this question. There are many factors that play into learning to swim. Most of our students continue with us until they graduate, but some parents just want their children to know the basics. Every child learns at their own, individual pace so it's impossible to determine how long it will take

May I request a specific teacher?

  • Yes, you may request an instructor and we will do our best to fulfill your request. 

Can I get a refund if I decide to cancel after registering?

  • A $45.00 administration fee will be imposed if cancelation occurs within 3 days of registration or you will recieve store credit.

Do you have a Swim Team?

  • No

Questions you might have AFTER registering:


What should I bring to swim lessons?

  • Each swimmer needs to have a swimsuit, swimming cap, and goggles. Children who are not potty trained are also required to wear a snug-fitting swim diaper.

Can my child wear a "floatie" to swim lessons?

  • No, we do not recommend the use of flotation suits since they give parents and new swimmers a false sense of security.

How do I switch to a different day and/or time?

  • You contact the Aquatics office 24hrs prior to your scheduled lesson.

If I miss a class, may I schedule a makeup?

  • You fill out a makeup form that can be found on our website.

What if my normal class falls on a holiday?

  • Astoria Sports Complex is closed on all major holidays, and our swim sessions are planned with holidays in mind.

Should the parents be visible during class?

  • Parents are only allowed on the swimming deck the first and last class. If the child is distracted by seeing Mom or Dad and the teacher is having a hard time keeping the child's focus, it might be better for the parent to be out of sight.

Do I need to change classes when my child has completed the level of swimming he was assigned?

  • Every student will recieve a certification of completion and is required to regrister for the next level unless they failed, then they would remain in the same level.


General Questions

Why is there no schedule online?

  • The reason why we do not have a schedule online is because the schedule ALWAYS changes; this is a major positive to our program. We schedule our lessons as best as we can to accomodate your schedule. So if we posted "PEE-WEE Classes Tuesday 4pm" then you the customer might say "darn, I'm only avialable at 4pm and i have a 12 year old :(" Feel free to email us or call us for scheduling at

Am I allowed/included to swim while my child takes a lesson?

  • No, the price you are paying is strictly for the swim lesson. You may have the option of purchasing a 1 hour swim pass to swim in the pool, however the front desk reserves the right to deny a pass if the pool is crowded.

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